Dinkum Business can ADVISE you on the most suitable product to meet your filing and storage requirements.
Dinkum Business's DESIGN service allows you to visualise the final product, ensuring it is suitable for your requirements.
Dinkum Business focuses on Australian Made, we will PROCURE the right product from the right manufacturer to ensure quality and compliance.
Dinkum Business's INSTALL team take no shortcuts when it comes to quality workmanship with a professional attitude.
Dinkum Business can MAINTAIN your existing filing or storage system on a regular basis or as a one off to keep you up and running.
Dinkum Business places priority on callouts to REPAIR your filing or storage system to minimise down time.

Filing and Storage Specialists

Dinkum Business will thoroughly service your filing or storage system and ensure it complies with Australian Standards during the RELOCATE process.

Dinkum Business sorts all waste produced on our jobs, and wherever possible, recycles that waste through the appropriate facility.
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