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Consult & Advise
Dinkum Business's goal is to work with you, to fully understand all of your filing, archiving or general storage requirements. Dinkum Business is not trying to sell you a particular brand or product, the advice you receive is impartial and transparent. Dinkum Business gives you the power to dictate to the manufacturers what you want, not what they want to sell to you.
Wether you have a small corner in the office or an empty warehouse, we will design your filing, archiving or general storage system to ensure you obtain maximum possible storage for your investment.
Dinkum Business is completely independent of all manufacturers of filing, archiving or general storage systems. Once your design is complete, we will negotiate with all suppliers to obtain the best possible value.
Dinkum Business's installation team are dedicated to the best possible end result for you. This is achieved through an eye for detail and quality workmanship. All installations are guaranteed for a full 2 year period.
There are two sides to maintenance. Firstly, after 12 months, Dinkum Business's installers will return to site to give your new system a complete health check, absolutely free of charge. Secondly, Dinkum Business will maintain our professional relationship with you.