If each of us spent $100 a year more on local businesses
instead of chain stores, It would put an extra $3 Million a year
into our economy. Not only that but it would create
thousands more jobs every year.
To contact dinkumbusiness.com.au:

PHONE: 0427 DINKUM (346 586)
EMAIL: ross@dinkumbusiness.com.au

Pro Australian Business and industry, not overly happy with the influx of foreign owned corporarations taking our hard earned, and in the end spent dollar overseas.

•  Basic Cad drawings
•  Shop front video displays (ACT only)
•  Simple, clean and informative web page design
•  Social Media set up and monitoring
•  Local area marketing for small business (ACT only)
There is absolutely no compromise on great service & quality of product.
100% is not an aim for. 100% is a do.
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